Turn-Key Analog & Mixed Signal IC Development & Production Support
  • Custom Analog & Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits (ICs)

    Cirtec provides turn-key integrated circuit development, including analog IC design, digital IC design, physical design, qualification and production support.

  • Low-Power Medical ASICs

    Cirtec can develop low-power Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for your medical applications. Our integrated circuit solutions can lower power, reduce size and improve performance of implantable medical devices.

  • Integrated Circuits (ICs) for Battery-Powered Electronics

    Leveraging our vast low-power mixed-signal IC design experience we can reduce the need for larger capacity batteries and increase time between recharging.

  • IC Designs for Power Management

    Cirtec can offer a custom integrated circuit solution for the multiple voltage and current requirements of your system.

Medical ICs

Our Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are ideal for all types of medical devices – wearable to implantable.

Portable Product ICs

Our low-power integrated circuit designs are ideal for a variety of portable battery-operated electronics.

Power Management

We have strong expertise in power management IC design to suit many applications.

Proven Expertise

Our semiconductor solutions have found their way into countless marketed devices worldwide.

Contact Us for Any Analog & Mixed Signal IC Design Needs

We provide turn-key end-to-end analog IC design, mixed signal ASICs design, and other integrated circuit design services and products ideal in key markets that include implantable class III medical devices, battery-powered portable electronics, and power management applications.

Our Solutions

  • New neurostim ASSP

    The CSI021 application specific integrated circuit features 4 independent 8-bit linear DAC programmable current sink/source outputs with up to 6mA full-scale sink, and 1.5mA full-scale source currents.
  • New neurostim eval board

    Evaluation board for CSI021 aimed at possible neurostimulation / neuromodulation applications.
  • Custom ASICs Solutions

    We offer complete custom IC solutions optimized to meet the specific size, power, and functional requirements of your application.
    • Implantable drug delivery integrated circuits
    • Implantable peripheral nerve stimulator integrated circuits
    • Stereo class D audio driver 2.2 watts (4 ohm)
    • Ingestible medical sensor integrated circuit
    • Battery Backup integrated circuit
    • And many more
  • We were tasked by a medical device company to reduce power consumption in their design. We provided the turn-key IC that increased the time between battery charging from less than 2 days to almost 1 month (over 16x improvement).
  • Decades of experience in low power medical integrated circuit design has allowed us to develop ultra-low power medical ASICs. Reducing the system power and size has enabled devices to be implanted at or near the site of therapy, thereby simplifying implantation and reducing the need for long leads.
  • Using advanced analog IC design techniques and by leveraging our library of low power circuit IP, we have produced integrated circuit designs with 10 times or more improvement in battery life from the prior generation of products.
  • Today’s electronics often require multiple voltage domains. We routinely convert raw battery voltages into higher voltages for analog front-end circuits or lower voltage for digital supplies. Efficient voltage conversion and controlling the enabling of circuits has allowed us to reduce power and enable lower capacity batteries, thus reducing overall system size.