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Semiconductor Testing

The goal of semiconductor testing is to ensure that only known good product is assembled into your device. You can do this by partnering with a proven semiconductor company with the relevant experience and expertise to ensure your design will meet your needs. Not only will you achieve cost savings by getting it done right the first time, but your time to market will be greatly reduced when you work with the right company from the beginning of your project.

Whether your product is relatively simple or exceedingly complex, semiconductor testing gives you the information and confidence you need to ensure your product will perform and function as it was designed. Semiconductor testing lets you check the accuracy, speed, and repeatability of your integrated circuit’s performance, and also helps you evaluate the structure of the design to make sure your product can and will continue to function reliably. Designing in testability or Design-For-Test (DFT) means your risks during manufacturing are lower and will help you identify defects before it goes into production thus mitigating risks in your supply chain.

We are a nationally-recognized fabless semiconductor company with a proven solution to handle your business challenges of getting your product to market on time and on budget. We provide engineering expertise from end-to-end, design through manufacturing support, and our extensive resources mean you only have to interface with one company from design through production. We provide you with complete turn-key semiconductor design, development, qualification, test development and production support services that are second to none.