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Medical Device ASIC Applications

Medical Device ASIC Applications

Today’s medical ASICs are used in implantable medical devices aimed at providing therapy for a number of conditions, from pain management to epilepsy and psychological disorders. You can use medical integrated circuits in devices programmed to deliver drugs on a more effective schedule to effectively treat and relieve patient’s conditions with fewer side effects. And because implantable devices need to be small, lightweight, and use less power, medical ICs help you meet the necessary requirements for medical device integration.

Integrated Circuits perform a variety of supporting functions for implanted medical devices, such as sensing, stimulation, or therapy delivery; memory storage; microprocessor; communications; and power management. All of this functionality is delivered in a small medical integrated circuit with a smaller footprint than other solutions. And unlike the commercial use of integrated circuits which change with the newest technology, integrated circuits for medical devices have a process maturity that is less likely to require revisions, provides more quality, and offers a robust solution that works.

Nationally recognized for our medical ASICs, We provide innovative custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuit solutions. We custom design ICs for medical devices with low power requirements and small form-factors,for both implantable and external medical applications. Our integrated circuits for medical devices can be found in many class III implantable devices. Our customers range from innovative startups to established billion dollar international medical device companies.


Integrated Circuits for Medical Devices

Medical ICs Expertise

  • Neurological Stimulators
  • Neurological Sensors
  • Cardiac Pacemakers & Defibrillators
  • Heart & Respiratory Monitors
  • Miniature Drug Delivery Systems
  • Orthopedic Sensors
  • Ingestible Sensors
  • Glucose Meters
  • Optical Lens Drivers
  • Ultrasound