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IC Evaluation Boards

IC Evaluation Boards

Our ASSPs and IC Evaluation boards are available for sale. See the spec sheets for quantity pricing or email us at ASIC.Sales@Cirtecmed.com or call (480) 497-4511.

An Integrated Circuit (IC) Evaluation Board is an easy-to-use circuit board that lets you exercise all of the functions of the IC you’re considering for your application. These boards are designed specifically to help engineers evaluate and test the corresponding ASSP integrated circuit, to determine if the circuitry will work and integrate with a more complete system. This helps you build a prototype system quickly and inexpensively with less risk.

These IC Evaluation Boards are perfect for neurostimulation and/or neuromodulation applications to test their functionality and allows you to evaluate the ASSP and test your design before committing to a custom hybrid/PCB design.
For companies engineering implantable drug delivery devices or peripheral nerve stimulators, we provide turn- key analog and mixed signal integrated circuit development and support.

Our IC evaluation boards are designed to evaluate their corresponding Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP).

EB1CSI021 IC Evaluation Board for CSI021 – data sheet
IC Evaluation Board for CSI040 – contact us for details/pricing
IC Evaluation Board for CSI020 – contact us for details/pricing

CSI073 – The CSI073 is a single‐channel Neural Sensing circuit intended to facilitate research and evaluations leading to closed‐loop Neuromodulation systems and other closed‐loop Biopotential applications. The circuit is a low noise signal processing channel that amplifies, filters, and performs analog‐to‐digital conversion of Neural or other Biopotential signals. The circuit utilizes a Low Noise Amplifier, High‐Pass and Low‐Pass Filters, a Buffer Amplifier, and an Analog to Digital Converter with an industry‐standard Serial Interface for easy connection to an FPGA or MCU for subsequent Digital Signal Processing. CSI073 spec sheet

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