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Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP)

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In applications where you need less power or better power management, using Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) can make a huge difference in your design. Consider an application where you need to consume less than 100nA static with a very small footprint—a micro controller with off-the-shelf components and an FPGA would not be possible. With an ASIC you can get maximum customization for your application thus optimizing performance, power, size and cost.

Although ASICs offer the maximum flexibility and customization, they also require a significant non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost and time to develop. An alternative to an ASIC is an Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP), customized for a particular application or market. You can have a significant improvement in performance, size and power, without incurring the time and money for a full custom device. Our ASSPS are designed for medical devices companies interested in developing products for neurostimulation, neurostimulation and IPG applications.

We provide optimized solutions for custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuit requirements. With our decades of experience in designing specific applications to meet the most complex needs of our clients, we provide world-class, in-house expertise to design and produce state-of-the-art Application Specific Integrated Circuits and Application Specific Standard Products for a wide variety of uses, such as high profile medical devices and power management solutions.

CSI021 – The CSI021 is an application specific standard product for the neurostimulation market. The CSI021 features 4 independent DAC programmable current sink/source outputs with up to 6mA/1.5mA full-scale currents. An 18V supply voltage allows for 6mA output currents into1.5KW loads. The CSI021 pulse timing is fully programmable via a 10MHz, 2.5V SPI. Programmable parameters include sink/source pulse widths, pulse frequencies, stimulation on/off periods, and amplitude ramp rates. Internal timing generators in the CSI021 use the programmed parameters to create waveform profiles with only minimal intervention from a host processor, and a 4:1 sink to source current ratio provides for easy stimulation charge balancing. CSI021 spec sheet

CSI040 – The CSI040 is a highly programmable current sink/source ASIC that features 16 independent, current 7-bitprogrammable outputs with 25.4 mA full-scale source or sink capability. Four 18 V supply voltages (VMAXA/B/C/D) allow for up to 25.4 mA output currents into 300Ω loads. The CSI040 stimulation pulse timing is fully programmable via an SPI bus and programmable parameters include sink/source pulse widths, pulse frequencies, stimulation on/off times, stimulation current amplitudes and amplitude ramping. Internal timing generators in the CSI040 use programmed parameters to create therapy profiles with minimal intervention by a host processor. Stimulation charge balancing is accomplished using a charge redistribution source/sink pulse with a programmable current ratio. A FASTStim mode allows stimulation rates up to 50 kHz. A DCStim mode allows for DC stimulation with which the user can generate virtually any stimulation waveform. Finally the ASIC is capable of real-time measurement of the impedance between any of its channels at a rate of up to 40 kHz. CSI040 spec sheet

CSI020 – The CSI020 ASIC is a custom integrated circuit that includes 32 identical but independently programmable electrode drivers, an oscillator, control registers, a digital controller, a serial communication interface, and battery recharge circuitry. The electrode drivers can source and sink current pulses up to 12.7mA in 0.1mA steps. The ASIC includes a Channel Arbitration feature that prevents the possibility of stimulation charge imbalance, which can be hazardous to patients and electrodes. It also includes an integrated Li-Ion Battery Charger, as well as integrated Oscillator, Reference, and Regulator functions. CSI020 spec sheet

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CSI080 – The CSI080 is a 4 channel Neural Sensing IC intended for neural recording and other biopotential applications.  Each of 4 independent signal paths is a low noise sensor that amplifies, filters, and converts biopotential signals to digital data.  The circuit utilizes a low noise, closed-loop chopper front end amplifier to eliminate 1/f noise, thus providing enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.  A dedicated 16-bit delta-sigma ADC for each channel supports true simultaneous, high-resolution recording.  An input selection multiplexer provides flexibility for electrode pairing, a blanking feature provides isolation from stimulation artifacts, and a fast recovery feature enables virtually continuous sensing in the presence of stimulation.  Filter corners and gains are programmable to optimize the circuit for a range of input signals.  The channels can also be configured for either the lowest noise or the lowest power operation.  The part is available in a 5mm x 5mm plastic QFN package, and wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP) will be available upon request. CSI080 spec sheet