Turn-Key Analog & Mixed Signal IC Development & Production Support

About Us

For over three decades, Cirtec Medical has been an industry-leading outsource partner for end-to-end product design, development and manufacturing of Class II and III medical devices, specializing in today’s most cutting-edge product technologies.

Our integrated circuit development team, based in Chandler, AZ, provides customers with optimized solutions for custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuit (IC) requirements, offering full turn-key product design and production. Our employees have strong expertise in medical integrated circuits, power management circuits, and analog and mixed signal ASICs.

Today’s medical ASICs are used in implantable medical devices aimed at providing therapy for a number of conditions, from pain management to epilepsy and psychological disorders. Medical integrated circuits (ICs) can be used in devices programmed to deliver drugs on a more effective schedule to effectively treat and relieve patient’s conditions with fewer side effects. And because implantable devices need to be small, lightweight, and use less power, medical ICs help meet the necessary requirements for medical device integration.