Turn-Key Analog & Mixed Signal IC Development & Production Support

Semiconductor Design

To get your electronic or digital product into the hands of your customers, you are likely to require the use of integrated circuits. When you break down the most complex electronic devices, you’ll find that the semiconductors are responsible for a majority of the electronics. Everything from highly sophisticated medical equipment to the most inexpensive transistor radio consists of very basic semiconductors.

To enable your product design to be as complex as you need it to be, yet still meet the size and power requirements, a custom semiconductor or integrated circuit may be required. Semiconductor design is a complex process involving expert resources, sophisticated tools and proven development flows.

When you outsource your semiconductor design to a nationally-recognized and proven expert, you know that you’re getting the expertise and the services necessary to bring your project to a successful conclusion. Not only do you get the technical experience and the right tools for the job, but you also get a project manager who can help you keep the project and people on the right track. Not everyone has the in-house talent and the software and tools necessary to design your product’s solution. When you partner with an expert, your risk of failure is much lower, so it pays to make sure you look for years in business, type of projects and clients, and engineering experience available before choosing a semiconductor design company.

We are a nationally-recognized fabless semiconductor company with a proven solution to handle your business challenges of getting your product to market on time and on budget. With our expert semiconductor design and product development team, we have the experience and the expertise to handle any part of your product’s solution, even the most complex system and market requirements. We provide our clients with optimized solutions for custom analog and mixed signal integrated circuit requirements, and offer a full turn-key product design and production solution.