Turn-Key Analog & Mixed Signal IC Development & Production Support

Mixed Signal Design

Today’s electronic devices consist of both analog and digital signals. Mixed signal designs combine both analog and digital signals within a single design or integrated circuit providing the most powerful features of both analog and digital circuitry in a single chip solution.

There are many benefits of mixed signal circuit design, such as reduction in PCB interconnect which results in better power consumption and smaller form factor. And you’ll also get a reduction in system noise because a mixed signal design leads to a highly simplified overall design with functionality and component integration that reduces the number of high current switching output drivers. Overall, a mixed signal design can result in less cost of materials and a reduced board size, giving you significant savings in total system cost.

We have earned a national reputation as one of the leading experts in mixed signal design. Particularly in the areas of ultra-low-power design, power management, and device miniaturization for medical and portable applications, we can provide you with the mixed signal design capabilities built on decades of experience and expertise in a wide array of uses and solutions. We’ll help you design mixed signal circuits around power and size constraints, and even help you mitigate risks and position your product for success.