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IC Design Services

The behavior of your final integrated circuit depends largely on its physical design, so choosing an IC layout design expert with extensive qualifications and decades of experience in integrated circuit design is a must. You need a semiconductor company who can provide you with an integrated circuit mask designers that meets all of your criteria for performance, size, and density. In addition, you want to partner with a company that designs IC layouts that are highly manufacturable, reducing your time to market, improving yields and reducing your overall costs.

Partnering with an expert in IC layout design gives you the ability to benefit from a full-custom layout that meets or exceeds your various requirements. Whether you need a design layout that meets area limitations or challenging performance requirements, a proven expert will greatly reduce your time to market and costs associated with creating your integrated circuits. By using best known layout techniques, yourintegrated circuit design will achieve your area, noise, bandwidth, and low-power specification targets without degrading performance. The only solution for a quality layout that reduces both costs and time is to choose a proven partner with experience in your specific field or industry.

We are the experts with a proven system for IC layout design and is recognized on a national level. With our decades of expertise and experience, you get analog and digital circuit design, physical integrated circuit layout, characterization, and validation of your silicon designs. Our IC design services help you bring your products to market sooner by assuming technical project leadership or integrating our experts into your team. Let us provide the stand-alone IC design services you need to break through the bottleneck in IC design services.