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Analog Circuits for Portable Electronics

Analog Circuits for Portable Electronics

Today’s digital electronics need analog circuits to provide an interface with the outside world. They provide a way to get signals from the environment around them into a format that can then be digitized and used by MCUser CPUs. Solid, proven analog circuitry is essential in the operation of portable electronic devices today. When portable electronic devices receive signals or read from a sensor, it all starts in analog, so you want to make sure you partner with a vendor who provides turn-key solutions designed around your specific needs.

Analog circuits have many benefits.They provide an accurate recording of outside stimuli that can be processed in real-time with less bandwidth. Analog circuits help to amplify the desired signal while suppressing unwanted noise. Analog circuits are essential in the conversion of analog signal to the digital domain and vice-versa (data converters). Analog circuits are essential for most embedded systems.These types of circuits can be constructed with less pre-processing requirements, making them a cost-effective solution for use in portable electronics.

We have world-class, in-house experts who design and produce state-of-the-art integrated circuits (ICs), that include analog circuits, digital circuits and mixed signal circuits. We have developed numerous Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and standard analog and mixed signal integrated circuits branded by top tier Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs). These integrated circuits find use in many portable electronics. In addition to our portable medical IC expertise, we have the following expertise in portable electronics.


Integrated Circuits for Portable Electronics

Portable Electronics IC Expertise

  • LED Drivers
  • Motor Controllers for Cellular
  • Battery Backup Support Circuits
  • Ultra Low Power (Nano-amps) Oscillators
  • Audio Class D and Class G Drivers
  • Audio Noise Cancellation Circuits
  • LCD Drivers
  • Wirelessly Powered Electronics